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Talent Show 2018

The stars of Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha contested against each other, bringing out the best of their talents in the fields of art, dance, singing, instrumental and drama. The students of grade 6 and above took part in the auditions.

Of them, there were 37 final contestants who competed on Friday, 05th January 2018, putting up a great show. The audience voted for “The Most Popular Performance” and “The Most Talented Performer of the Night” in the categories of Art, Singing, Instrumental and Dance.

The most popular performance of the evening, was won by the ‘Making a Movie’ drama team. The first runner-up award was won by the Sehasna/Nelu duet. The Gucci Gang was selected as second runners-up.

The glamourous event came to an end with the inspirational message of Chairman, Mr. Kumudu Fonseka, “All students should be all-rounders who build their personality with holistic education, by developing talents in all possible spheres. A child should be able to play when he is in the field, perform when he is on stage, and learn when he is in class.”



Q&A Session with the Chairman of SSLSD – Mr. Kumudu Fonseka



He is the person who makes bitter into better and always wants us to do better than the best… He is none other than our Chairman, Mr. Kumudu Fonseka!

Mr. Valentine (Teacher):
A lovely climate, wonderful performances… I have no adjectives to describe it – spectacular, stunning, awesome… and beyond that! What do you feel about this evening Sir?

Amazing day, I am proud of the children… I always say that the duty of a Teacher shouldn’t be limited just to education, for education is done in all the schools. Give children the opportunity and don’t kill their talents. Instead, help them to hone their talents and make it to the top. The students did very well, so give them a big round of applause… and it goes without saying, to all the parents as well…

Chrisenta (Student):
Sir, what advice can you give us students?

As a student, you have to have a balance in life. You go to the field, you should be able to play; you go to the classroom, you should be disciplined; you go to the exam hall, you should be able to achieve; and you go to the city, you have to look after the less fortunate… This should be a student’s main role and objective… Thank you very much.

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